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Enjoy the breath-taking views from our Hotel

Enjoy a breath-taking massage from your Hotel

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We offer a choice of comfortable rooms and great rates

We offer a choice of comfortable services and great rates

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If your are staying in a Hong Kong hotel and you would like to book a massage, this website is something for you.

Hotel Outcall Massage

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Enjoy a massage at your hotel, relax and have all the stress and tension eased away.

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Booking a hotel outcall massage has many advantages and it suitable for everybody. People on the go, traveling or with a busy life can benefit highly from booking a hotel massage. Lots of businessmen have experienced the advantages of an outcall massage, but also couples who are away for the weekend and want to relax, friends who are staying in a hotel for a bit and people who need a bit of 'me time' at a hotel room, office or at home can find the ultimate treatment in an outcall massage.

Booking a hotel outcall massage has lots of benefits. Firstly you can book the massage when it fits your agenda and you can have the masseuse come to the location you are staying at that particular time. This can safe time and offers lots of flexibility because you don't have to worry about traveling to a spa or massage parlor and take their opening times into account. Because the massage is performed at the location you have provided you are free to relax and enjoy the comfort of your own private area.

Most outcall massage services offer several kinds of treatments. After a long busy day a relax massage can be a great way to release stress and recharge. A Swedish massage can help get tense muscles and muscle aches relaxed adn less painless. Some massage parlors also offer a Thai massage which can be a great way to treat yourself. People who are more experienced in having massages can benefit greatly from having a Thai massage which offers a more firm and deep touch.

What is an outcall massage
An outcall massage, hotel massage, house call massage, mobile massage or onsite massage is the service of giving a massage treatment on a specified location provided by the client. This location usually is a hotel room or office, but also an appointment can be booked at your home or other location in which you can enjoy the massage in a private area. The masseuse can offer several types of treatments and will provide all needs necessary. Towels, massage oil and when needed a massage table are included in the booking.

Booking an outcall massage
When booking an outcall massage it is important you are able to provide a comfortable, private and relaxing area in which you will not be disturbed. It is very helpful if you are able to adjust the temperature to create a nice and comfortable atmosphere. There are several massage treatments you can book and most massage therapists are able to individualize the treatment to any personal wishes and preferences. It is always very helpful to communicate special needs so the masseuse can prepare a personal massage.

Health benefits
Massages have proven health benefits that can help treat many bodily issues and relax the mind. A relax massage can help release stress, treat stress related head aches and soothe muscle aches. A Swedish massage can help treat muscle aches and tension in the body, it also provides a relaxed and energized feeling. A Thai massage can treat severe muscle aches and is a treatment for more experienced clients. Health benefits also include feeling energized, treat head aches, tension in the body and having an overall healthier feeling. Massages improve the blood circulation and can help treat energy blockages in the body which makes the client feel less stressed and tense. Clients booking an outcall massage can combine these health benefits with feeling comfortable and relaxed in the privacy of their own home, hotel room or office. Some clients find it easier to relax and enjoy a massage treatment in a private area instead of a massage parlor. When you have difficulties relaxing in an area other than home, your hotel room or office an outcall massage can be the solution to experience a great massage.