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Body to Body Massage

A body to body massage is a great sensual treatment that offers relaxation, stress release, can help treat stress relation issues as tension head aches and can make the client feel energized and balanced after the massage. It is very important to communicate any special preferences and needs to the masseuse in order to create the best possible massage experience. The masseuse is an experienced and well trained professional that can use techniques to offer any client a great body to body massage. It is important to feel comfortable and relaxed in the area in which you will receive the massage, so make sure the mood is set and the doors are locked, turn off you cell phone and confide in the masseuse to give you an unforgettable experience.

Most body to body massages start off slowly to make sure both the client and the masseuse have the right energy to relax and enjoy the treatment. Since this type of treatemtn is done when the client is naked and the masseuse is using her own naked body parts to massage the client it is important to build up the treatment slowly to get used to each others bodies and touch. Using good quality massage oil will increase the sensual and relaxing feeling of this particular treatment.

The masseuse will most likely start with treating the back side. By massaging the neck, shoulders and back the client can slowly get accustom with the touch and body of the masseuse and feel relaxed to take in every bit of the experience. When the client is totally relaxed she will move forewards to the legs and thighs. Also the arms, feet and butt can get some attention during this part. When the client feels comfortable enough she will ask you to turn over so the masseuse is able to massage your front side also. She will slowly treat you shoulders, arms, chest, belly and work her way downwards. The sensual touch of her body on yours will guarantee a special treatment that will give you a great feeling of energy, relaxation and will let you enjoy a nice afterglow of the massage.

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