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Four Hands Massage

Getting a massage is one of the best treats for your body and mind. The amazing feeling of being relaxed, energized and pain free gives you a boost like no other treatment. Still there are people who are struggling to relax during a massage or would like to take it a step further. If you think you are focussing on the masseuse and het treatment to much during the massage you might want to welcome a four handed massage in your life. This treatment excells any 'regular' relaxation massage and will give you an experience like no other massage will.

Four hands in one massage?
Obviously you will need two massage therapists in order to have four hands massaging you. This makes the treatment a bit more expensive than a relaxation massage, although most massage parlors and spas have great deals on four handed massages. Also, this treatment will most likely exceed your expectations so it is money well spend. The massage therapists offering a four handed massage have worked together in this treatment before and are very experienced in giving the strokes, kneeding and touches at the same pace and intensity. The hands will feel like they are perfectly synchronized. This way the client will not be able to follow the hands on the body and will need to let go and relax.Several techniques can be used during this massage, but since it's usually a relaxing massage most techniques used are based on Swedish massage using strokes, kneeding and touches in order to relax, enhance the blood circulation and treat small aches.

Benefits of four hands massage
The overwhelming feeling that you must relax and let go is one of the great advantages of this treatment, especially for people who have trouble to relax or want to treat themselves on something different. Also, because there are two massage therapist treating the body, they can do twice as much in the same time. Special preferences when you are experiencing certain aches and pains can be treated severely when needed. This treatment is the ultimate relax therapy for clients suffering from stress, tension head aches, muscle aches and tiredness. Treat yourself with a great massage to make you feel healthy, energized and relaxed.

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